How to factory reset Windows 10 without knowing the account password
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How to factory reset Windows 10 without knowing the account password

It seems messed up, wsl2 works perfectly on my machine with "virtualization platform" feature turned off. This is the documented way to enable virtualization, I just wanted to mention it here in case someone made the same mistake as me. I updated my windows system, restarted and keep getting this message. A dialogue box should appear allowing you to select the correct permissions or use the numerical value to set the correct permissions. If you would like to check a specific rule in your .htaccess file you can comment that specific line in the .htaccess by adding # to the beginning of the line. You should always make a backup of this file before you start making changes.


Now, your Microsoft account is now linked to your Windows 10 digital license. If you change the hardware on your Windows 10 device in the future, you will be able to sign in by using your Microsoft account and quickly reactivate Windows 10. In general, activate is a term used to describe making something operational. For example, the term product activation describes activating a software program or game using a serial number, product key, or another special ID number. The original concept of product activation was invented by Ric Richard, who filed patent US 5,490,216 describing the process.

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Open the Run app by pressing the Windows logo and R keys. Press the Windows logo key + R shortcut in order to evoke the Run app. Just download and run, no installation needed. Windows Updates also contain security fixes for malware, virus, and other cyber threats that were discovered recently. Fighting cyber criminals and hackers is like a never-ending war.

  • The most common reason for the occurrence of this error is a corrupted Windows 10 Recovery image.
  • Please help as I am very frustrated with all of this.
  • I am not sure if I had followed that order with Visual Studio still installed, that I would have got it.
  • Standard—copies the entire VM with its current memory state.

I solved my issue the same way that TradianIndian solved his. Disable Virtualization in the bios, rebooted to windows, enabled virtualization and now WSL works for me. @benhillis there is probably some semi-actionable here, at least in terms of user feedback in the error path. Which is unreasonably confusing when they already have VMP enabled. The WSL stack knows whether VMP is enabled and whether Windows thinks the BIOS is okay. How to Install Linux from USB Insert a bootable Linux USB drive.

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But, our aim is to provide you with the most straightforward methods possible while keeping the complexity away. Uninstall Windows 11 Product KeyAfter you run the above command, restart your computer. After a restart, the system will be in an Unlicensed state unless a new product key is installed. Optionally, you can use the parameter to specify a different installed product.

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You will also be able to access your files from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. They come with free plans that offer you a couple of GB of free space. Whichever option you choose, it will return all the settings to their defaults, and all the apps will be uninstalled. And if you go with Remove Everything, it will trash everything, including personal files, apps, and settings.

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